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Ming Vales

Our baby Smoke loves his IMAC SQUEAKY MESH TOY 🥰 (his favorite among all his toys 😅



Stephen Rivera

Alagang Bosch yan! 💯 These puppies are less than 2 months old and they are strictly on bosch diet

Hofmann Pet Bed

This furbaby is so comfy with Hofmann pet bed Made in Italy. Aside from its quality, it is also easy to wash and dry.


☑ For optimal feeding of puppies
☑ Substitute for breast milk when mama dog can’t feed her puppies
☑ Easy handling due to good solubility of the milk

Hofmann VCO shampoo bar

Nourish your pet’s coat with Hofmann VCO Shampoo bar. All natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals that can dry out pet’s fur.

Hofmann Super premium

Senior chihuahua refuses to eat anything since she hasn’t been feeling well lately. Hofmann Super premium chicken with salmon oil helped a lot. She is slowly gaining back her energy

A second chance at life for Vitang

The story of Vitang, an abused and severely injured stray cat will definitely touch your hearts. Her case was a challenging one for Felinethropist (animal welfare group) who they never gave up on giving her a second chance at life.

Airport’s journey with Hofmann pet products

Just a short history and a glimpse of our journey on how we came up with Hofmann Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

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